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918 Construction On Call918 Construction is a trusted provider for roof repair and roof replacement for homes that have been damaged by wind and hail…

Or roofs that have simply developed leaks over time.

No matter what amount of damage you have on your roof, we would be honored to repair it for you.

Call us at (918) 943-3063.

We’ll be happy to provide a free roof leak inspection and wind/hail damage assessment. For commercial properties, we also offer flat roof repair in Tulsa and surrounding communities.

When you call 918 Construction to inspect your roof, you can rest assured that we will find the source of leaks and will offer a professional solution to fix the problem.

If we find that your roof has sustained weather damage, repairs may be partially covered by your insurance policy.

When the storm hits, our team stands ready to help stop leaks and repair damage… fast!

918 Construction provides an estimate before any work commences and will work with you and your home insurance provider to get the best and most reasonable repair possible.

Make 918 your roofing contractor in Tulsa, OK.

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    Hail Damage Roof Repairs

    Some roof damage can repaired, while other damage requires a complete roof replacement. Hail damage is tricky to identify because it’s hard to see subtle shingle damage from the ground.

    But individual hail strikes displace protective granules and cause roof shingles to dimple. Large enough hailstones can cause an immediate crack or tear in the shingle surface.

    …which leads to a leak.

    Subtle shingle damage from smaller hail stones leaves the asphalt surface exposed to the damaging heat of the sun and can crack over time.

    Normal Shingle
    Hail Damaged Shingle

    In many instances, your homeowners insurance company actually wants to replace your hail damaged roof. If roof leaks can be stopped before they happen, your insurance company is protected and you are protected from larger damages and claims in the future.


    Consult your project manager for details.

    If Your Roof Leaks… We’ll Find The Source

    And make the repair or help you get a replacement roof if the damage is non-repairable.

    Serving the entire Tulsa metro, including: Bixby, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Claremore, Collinsville, Glenpool, Grand Lake, Inola, Jenks, Owasso, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Skiatook and everywhere in between.

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