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Flat Roof Repair in Tulsa

If you have a flat roof on your building, you know that it requires routine maintenance and occasional flat roof repair or replacement.

Flat roofs (also known as low-slope roofs) are found on commercial buildings throughout the world. Flat roofs offer an economical and efficient roof design for commercial properties.

However, deferred maintenance issues and natural disasters can wreak havoc on a flat roof and the building it protects. If your flat roof is leaking, contact 918 Construction for flat roof repair in Tulsa and surrounding communities.

Our team of commercial roofers will find the leak and fix it fast. We offer a free roof inspection to determine exactly what areas are causing your roof leak.

Whether your flat roof has been damaged by debris, hail, wind or simply by old age, we will present a solution that offers the best long-term repair for your flat roof.

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We fix flat roof drainage problems, flat roof leaks, and interior water damage.

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    Flat Roof Problems

    Potential problems with flat roofs are many, but some are more common than others. Routine maintenance and inspections are important for any roof but especially for a flat roof.

    Flat roof leaks can cause thousands of dollars of damage to the building and the equipment or inventory inside.

    If you suspect that you may have a roof leak, call 918 Construction for a FREE roof inspection.

    Ponding or Pooling Water

    Ponding water occurs when the roof has low spots that are not properly sloped for water to flow toward drains or gutters.

    This can happen due to improper support or design under membranes or other roofing materials. It can also happen when drains are clogged.

    Ponding water is the enemy of your flat roof. Ideally, you want to remove any ponding water within 48 hours.

    Pooling water can lead to delamination of membrane or insulation materials or blisters that hold moisture under the membrane. It can cause other roofing materials to break down exponentially faster than normal.

    Ultimately, left unchecked, pooling water will eventually lead to a roof leak on your flat roof.

    Clogged Roof Drains

    Flat roof systems rely on free flowing roof drains to carry water away from the roof.

    When drains become clogged with leaves, sticks, construction debris or gravel, water can begin to pond quickly.

    And the water can get very deep. This puts pressure on all areas around the drain and can allow water to seep into the smallest of holes.

    Additionally, any standing water that remains into wintertime will freeze, causing more damage to roof materials, drains and decking.

    Roof Punctures

    Flat roofs often hold equipment like HVAC units, air filtration, exhaust vents and other machinery that requires maintenance.

    Foot traffic and dropped tools can cause punctures that eventually leak.

    Also, if you have installed any subsequent vent pipes or other equipment that required a penetration through your existing roof, it’s important to contact a professional roofing company to ensure these areas are flashed and sealed properly to prevent leaks.

    Flat Roof Maintenance

    General maintenance for your flat roof will keep it healthy and performing for years.

    Flat roof maintenance includes routine inspections either annual or semi-annual by a qualified roofing professional, along with post-storm damage inspections as needed.

    During inspections, areas of concern can be identified and dealt with immediately.

    Rather than waiting months or years for problems to accumulate.

    Flat Roof Construction

    When your roof is simply worn out, your roofer will advise you on optional courses of action.

    Some flat roofs can be repaired with roof coatings or replacement of membranes.

    Other more serious roof problems may require a complete rebuilding including insulation, decking, membranes, metal or other roofing systems.

    Flat Roof Problems

    Call us to fix your flat roof or drainage problems.

    918 Construction offers a complete flat roof repair solutions along with interior restoration repairs. We work inside and outside your property.

    We serve the entire Tulsa metropolitan area, including: Bixby, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Claremore, Collinsville, Glenpool, Grand Lake, Inola, Jenks, Owasso, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Skiatook and everywhere in between.

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